"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather choosing to act in spite of fear."
- Bruce Wilkinson



A story about finding the courage to keep going in the face of fear and insecurities. 


Vahen's unwavering confidence and fiery grit, inspire hope to anyone struggling with life's unplanned events to go farther.


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Vahen King

Unimaginable Pain

Hearts broke across Canada on Tuesday, February 19 when a refugee family who moved to Canada from Syria fell victim to a tragic house fire in Halifax. The fire killed seven refugee children and left their two parents hospitalized. Canadians across the country have been sending their condolences, and myself and the Going Farther Organization would like to do the same.  We

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Vahen King

The Path to FREEDOM!

What do I know about freedom? I’m in a wheelchair, and I have a past that SHOULD keep me trapped in feelings of unworthiness and shame. So in all respects, I should be feeling dejected and fearful, thinking that I’m defined by my past, and not worthy of a “happy ending.” It’s ironic really, because physically I have more limitations

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Contagious Courage

Love Out LOUD!

https://youtu.be/OgIff2nEBIM Being raised by a single mom, and becoming a single mom at age 16, my next guest knows what it is to face fear and CHOOSE COURAGE!  Layna Haley… She’s Blogger, Speaker, Founder and President of a charity called Kaleo – which is a Christian organization that is designed to help single mothers find community and support. Layna is a

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We can't always control what happens to us, but we CAN control how we respond!
- Vahen King

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