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Most people who are known for being courageous have one thing in common – they don’t describe themselves as courageous. They talk about being afraid and scared. Bob Jones

When I started Contagious Courage in March of 2017, was I afraid? TOTALLY! Questions like…What will people think of me? Will I even be able to find enough people to interview? And will I do a good job? These were only a couple of my fears. The only SURE thing, was my desire to share other people’s stories, and I had to push past my insecurities to at least TRY!

With each month came new challenges that made me ask God if I should continue. And with each month came a confirmation of WHY I had to keep going. Like the time when I had Jeremiah Raible from the PAOC office here in Alberta say, “I believe in what your doing and I want to help.” That “help” lead to having Eric Hlookoff  with Eric Hlookoff Photography come along side me, and help with my video edits for a few months as I got my footing. #PRICELESS OH and like the time I posted about the 10 Year Old Prayer Warrior, and Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer made a comment on social media saying how THEY were blessed by this young girl. I knew that if even ONE life was encouraged or if ONE gal I interviewed got a speaking engagement, than it’s TOTALLY worth it.

Now here I am, with one year of Contagious Courage with Vahen King behind me, and felt it was only fitting that my January segment be a recap of all the incredible stories of courage.  Which was exactly what I did.

So I am in Newfoundland, and I get tagged in a post by the first gal I interviewed on Contagious Courage, the lovely Julie Rohr. And this was what she said…

“I got a message and then phone call last week from a fellow named Drew Marshall. He’s an interesting character who has had a radio talk show out of Toronto for the last 16 years, and over that time has interviewed a huge range of fascinating people, from Don Cherry to Amy Grant, BB King to Larry King and everyone in between. I was quite surprised to hear from him and asked him how he got my information – he told me he had heard my story from Vahen King and wanted to interview me. So I’ll be on his show January 13 doing a live interview from 12:30 – 1:30 Edmonton time. The guest up right after me? Sandi Patty! (What?? Is this my real actual life right now?) Okay, I KNOW that for a large majority of you, that name may not be familiar or mean anything but to ME, Sandi Patty was always someone I looked up to as a kid.” 

When I read this I was like WOW that’s amazing, but at the same time it’s a little intimidating to know that DREW MARSHALL is following ME?? He’s been labled as the “Howard Stern” of Christian Radio. Haha But of course I was more thrilled!!! Knowing that because of Contagious Courage OTHER people’s voices are being heard “louder” which is why I began in the first place. 

Then the NEXT day… I get message from Shirley Thiessen, another one of the amazing women I interviewed. This was her message…

“Hey lovely lady! Because of my Contagious Courage interview, I’ve been invited to be a guest on The Drew Marshall Show on January 19th. Thank you! I’m excited to see what God will do. Thank you for being a beautiful conduit!”

Then, another few days pass and Andrea Foster another one of my fabulous Contagious Courage guest, gets the same invite, and she’s booked for January 26!

So by this time, my heart is full and I knew I needed to message Drew to thank him. And I did!

And not only did I get a response, I got a phone call. Expressing his thanks to ME!

“As I was looking for people to interview this year, I thought I would check out who you were interviewing, and Wow! Some heart beat stuff. Which knowing you, I wouldn’t expect anything less. These are QUALITY stories, and need to be heard, so THANK YOU!” Drew Marshall

What a blessing to know that we are all “in this together” and that we TRULY ARE


 Drew Marshall focuses on spirituality and how people integrate their faith into their everyday life, even when life throws terrible things at you. 

You can listen here if you’re interested, and he archives the shows after so you don’t have to listen live. 

I also had the pleasure of being on The Drew Marshall Show in May of 2017. 

Here’s a quote from the interview…

“So YOU get sick with a paralyzing virus! HE STAYS! and YOUR the dirt-bag who cheats?”

#BrutallyAuthenic #AWESOME

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