Can You Spare 5 Minutes?

How can we be confident in our faith and relationship with God, if we don’t understand the Bible? 

Today you’ll meet Leann Woelk. She is devoted to helping kids and adults alike understand the importance of Biblical principles. As well, how it will deepen your relationship with God so that you CAN walk out your faith in confidence.

When talking with Leann, she shows us how we can better listen to God and what He has for us if we can just spare 5 minutes of our day with Him.

About Leann

Leann Woelk is a passionate leader who enjoys using everyday items to teach Biblical truths through whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality. She is a speaker, writer, Certified INCM Coach and provides training, support and care to those on the front lines of ministry as the founder of Handle with Care Ministries. 

She delights in the small things in life, finding fun in the ordinary and laughing through all life’s ups and downs. Her greatest joy is hanging out with her husband of 32 years, her two sons, her daughter-in-law and 3 puppies at their home in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Leann's Interview

In todays interview, I get to really go deep with Leann and learn about her walk with God, and how she learned to truly listen to what He’s saying to her. Not only that, but she takes us through her story of how she got into the Handle With Care Ministry, and how we can learn to listen better to what God is saying to us, and it can be as simple as taking 5 minutes.

5 Minutes

Leann gives us some tips as a guide if you need help knowing what to do or say in your 5 minutes with God in prayer.

  • A convenient time
  • A quiet place
  • A favorite song
  • A comfortable posture (physical)
  • A deep breath

5 Phrases

Here are five phrases to help guide both children and adults during their prayer times:

  1. I WILL BE STILL – We must quiet our hearts, minds and bodies so we can hear/see him. We can say aloud, “I will be still” so that we are telling ourselves now is a time to quiet ourselves before God and wait on Him.
  2. MEET and GREET –Meet with Jesus and greet him. What does this look like for you?
  3. BEHOLD and BE HELD –To behold Jesus means to look upon Him. What does he look like? Can you see Him with your heart eyes? Allow yourself to be held by Him. Maybe He would hold your hand? Can you sense His presence and embrace?
  4. LOOK and LISTEN – See and hear what Jesus wants to show you. This is when we can ask questions and listen for his answers. He can use pictures in our imagination; a knowing in our spirit; a sense of understanding etc. You can ask Him this question, “Jesus, what do you want to tell me today?” or “Who do you want me to pray for today?”
  5. PRINT, PAINT and PRAY – Write it down or draw or paint a picture. Get creative and use different mediums to be creative with (clay; glitter glue, textured paper, chalk etc.)

Featured Song - Here In The Presence | Elevation Worship

Connect With Leann

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Free Training and resources in Heart to Heart Prayer :

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