Contagious Courage Interviews

Each month I interview some amazing people with incredible stories of courage. It is my prayer that these stories will empower you to choose courage when you are faced with some “bigger than you” life struggles!

Love Out LOUD! Being raised by a single mom, and becoming a single mom at age 16, my next guest knows what it is to face fear

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Courage To Hope

Struggling to find the perfect gift to give this Christmas? Give HOPE! Tamara Boyes, talks about how she almost gave up HOPE, but found the COURAGE not to let her dreams die!

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Mary-Noah’s 10 year old daughter Adassa was in a tragic car accident and left for dead. 5 months Adassa was in a Coma and every day, Mary Noah wondered if her daughter would wake up…

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Mirror Mirror

Meet Hollie Taylor, she is a radio host and has a passion for the music industry. She has her own entertainment promotions company called Ten16 Entertainment,

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God Recycles Our Pain

Shirley and her husband Carey experienced a parent’s worst nightmare: the death of a child. Only 12 days after celebrating her son’s wedding, Shirley had the devastating task of planning her son Jordan’s funeral.

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Where Joy & Sorrow Co-exist

Having two children with profound intellectual disabilities has been challenging, rewarding and heart breaking for Andrea and Kirk, and at times they have felt unequipped to handle all that is required of them.

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