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WHAT or WHO Do You Look Too?

WHAT or WHO do you look to when your world is falling apart? Me? “I look UP! Because my help comes from the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth! He will not let me stumble; the one who watches over me will not sleep. The Lord watches over me- the Lord is the shade at my right hand” Psalms

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Igniting Hearts With Hope

Thank you Connie Jakab, and the National Hope Talks team, I am honored that I get to join forces with such an amazing line-up of leaders, to spread the message of HOPE across Canada! ABOUT NATIONAL HOPE TALKS…  We are about powerful presentations bringing HOPE as a PLAN regarding mental health issues.  Our talks stand out because we get to what’s underneath the reasons

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God Don’t You Care?

We have all gone through, or are going through, times of desperation where we don’t understand the “WHY’S” of life. Those times when we can’t see how any of

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Be a World Changer!

How many different ways can you say NO? Several years ago, a coworker and I had a conversation about this very subject, and she suggested I practice different ways of saying no RIGHT THEN AND THERE. In front of her. Let’s just say I was VERY uncomfortable doing it. After about 3 or 4 weak attempts, I ran out of ways to express my “no.” Then

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Miss Wheelchair Canada: God will restore what was lost

How God used a tragic miscarriage and several “coincidences” to forge a beautiful sponsorship relationship When you talk to Vahen King, who became the first ever Miss Wheelchair Canada in 2017, you immediately sense her unwavering confidence and her fiery grit. You become accustomed to her shared nuggets of wisdom, treasures from a shelf of lived truths. Her story follows

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