Contagious Courage Workshop

Are you looking for the courage to face your giants?
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Are you looking for the courage to face your giants?
A life altering virus, infidelity and trapped in a prison of fear. These were only a few of my giants what are yours?

Join me on Saturday April 17th, in my up close and personal two hour workshop. I’ll challenge you to break through your fears to embrace a courageous perspective, so you can grow through what you go through and find the strength to face your giants and go farther than you ever thought possible.

Are you ready?


All I would ask of you coming into my course, is simple, that you come as you are, take off your mask and open your heart. Oh and you might want something to take notes with, because I will be asking questions along the way with some interaction and conversation, and I’ll even provide you with some tools that I hope will benefit us even more from our time together.

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When you hear Vahen speak, you immediately sense her unwavering confidence and her fiery grit. Vahen’s keynote presentations inspire hope and courage, as she shares her compelling experiences of facing devastating physical and emotional losses. Struggles about her abilities and self-worth, set the stage for her ultimate call to action, to encourage others to find their inner strength and choose courage as they face their own emotional and physical pain.

Vahen is currently presenting as a keynote speaker in public schools and universities, conference centres, churches and private weekend retreats across Canada.

Whether your venue is large or small, please contact Vahen to see if she can add your group or event to her schedule!

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