Igniting Hearts With Hope Event!

Igniting Hearts With Hope Event!

A night of inspiration with Miss Wheelchair Canada 2017 – Vahen King. 


Date: September 5th, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Calvary Church, 1421 Lansdowne St. W. Peterborough, ON

We know that life isn’t always easy. Some of us may suffer from illness that turn our lives upside down. We may feel hurt by people close to us. Anxiety depression and mistrust seem normal in our society, and with suicide attempts higher than ever, let’ s face it – we are in a crisis of HOPE. 

If that’s true, how is it possible to move forward and experience any kind of hope? 

Vahen believes that when you Ignite hope in the hearts of those who are lonely, hurt, depressed or feeling lost, you offer a light to someone who can’t see their next step.

It’s time for us to come together and help others take that first step in getting the help they need. So whether you need hope, inspiration, resources, or connections, Igniting Hearts with Hope Event is a night for you.


  • Through storytelling and raw vulnerability, Vahen will share practical tips for how she overcame the adversity in her life.
  • A night of networking, connection and community with like-minded individuals who care about mental health. 
  • Engage in a Q & A discussion regarding issues surrounding mental health.
  • To be encouraged, empowered and equipped to help yourself and others.
  • Support making hope as a plan in YOUR community and across Canada.

Vahen is excited to visit Peterborough on her Canadian tour!

Going Farther.org and National Hope Talks are partnering together for this event, but please stay tuned for more information regarding other partners and supporters of mental health, who will be joining us for our Igniting Heart’s With Hope event.


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