Contagious Courage! What is the back story of MY story of courage? How was I able to go from a life of brokenness and hopelessness to living a life of hope and contagious courage? Well in this LOOKING BACK CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, I want to relive this segment from my NIGHT OF COURAGE gala, to encourage you that you see, you can move forward in spite of overwhelming fears and insecurities . But also see, that “I’m not courageous because I don’t ever fear, I am courageous because I don’t let fear control me.”


What a privilege it was for me to have Mark Masri host of 100 Huntley Street, join me to host Going Farther’s NIGHT OF COURAGE GALA back in November of 2020. Mark also did me the honor of introducing the Contagious Courage segment, where I shared my journey of Courage, featuring some incredible people from my past and those in my present day who were or continue to be a HUGE influence in my journey of courage. And I am excited to feature them here again today in this LOOKING BACK CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  segment of Contagious Courage. 


So please welcome some special people to help me share just a glimpse into my faith and  leadership journey, on this LOOKING BACK CHRISTMAS SPECIAL of Contagious Courage!  

First up, you’ll hear from Murray Lincoln, retired pastor and now craftsman, who was my pastor during the season of becoming paralyzed, he gave me a safe place to develop my leadership gifts and talents, but was also immersed in the events of the day I was rushed to the hospital.  

“The title of “Hope & Courage” sums up what Vahen has lived and what I believe God has done with her ministry.” – Murray Lincoln

Then, you’ll hear from Garry E. Milley, Author, photographer, and retired pastor and professor, who helped me write my very first article when I didn’t even understand where to start to write my story.  But who also did me the honor of endorsing my second book Contagious Courage.

Allow me to share a glimpse of his words with you.
“Vahen guides the reader through deeply moving autobiographical vignettes of how she triumphed over being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis.  Time and again, Vahen exhorts us to never stop praying because prayer is “the key ingredient” in the Christian life.  I think of her as Canada’s Joni Eareckson Tada. Her book will be a blessing to you.”

You will also hear from my amazing husband Vaughan King who was not only been key in my story, but also a crutial component to my journey of courage paving the way for me finding hope and freedom. 

‘Life is defined by our experiences and, while no one enjoys a bad experience, they happen to all of us. In this book Vahen shares how she was able to overcome these struggles and change her life story into one of joy and encouragement. I’m proud of Vahen’s determination and accomplishments and she is an inspiration even
to me.” – Vaughan King

What a privilege it was for me to interview my mom Susie Ings, who also read and endorsed Contagious Courage, brining words of wisdom to other moms who may be struggling through seeing their child suffer.   

As a mother reading Vahen’s book and thinking of the journey that we have been through together, I have a message for other parents who may have a heartbreaking story of your own. If you are struggling and watching your child suffer, you can trust God. Let Him recycle your pain. He will make something beautiful. And as Vahen acknowledges in the last chapter:  “Remember, prayer is the key ingredient.” – Susie Ings

You never stop growing and you never stop fighting fear and insecurities, and the next two gentleman you’ll hear from have been key in helping me grow in confidence and go farther in my leadership courage. It is an honor to have them in my corner. Allow me also to share what they have to say about my next book Contagious Courage…

Jeremiah Raible, Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker at The John Maxwell Team Effectiveness Coach at ABNWT District PAOC  

“Contagious Courage is going to be a great tool and an inspiration for so many. Because of Vahen’s “never give up, never back down” attitude, she takes away the millions of excuses that people have about why they can’t do X, Y or Z. Each person who reads Contagious Courage will come face to face with the challenge to take the next step.  Imagine if millions of people had contagious courage—that’s what I see happening as a result Vahen’s book, Contagious Courage.”  

Larry M Scarbeau,  Overcomer Coach

“It is amazing how people find courage in the midst of tragedy and are then able to overcome the odds! That is the story of Vahen King who has not just survived what appeared to be insurmountable odds but has thrived. She now is sharing in this book Contagious Courage the secrets to overcoming the odds in a practical and engaging way. You will find in these pages the raw courage she discovered within and the lessons learned that can help you overcome whatever you are facing. I highly recommend Contagious Courage. I know that time spent reading and applying the lessons learned will change your life!” 


And as you leave today I would like you to hear from these 9 NIGHT OF COURAGE ARTIST, (Taken from last years 12 days of Christmas) I hope it will ignite some hope in your heart to find new strength and courage as you step into this New Near.

Chelsea Amber, Brooke Nicholls, Nathan Stann, Kalya Artist & Stevon Artist, Mychela Kelly, Elford, Tamara Boyes, Adrienne Fudge, Jennilee Drisner


To find out more about how I can find joy in the journey and have CONTAGIOUS COURAGE, I have a few resources listed down below to help you start living more courageously! Starting with my book Contagious Courage – Living in Freedom, and my latest 31 COURAGIOUS QUOTES, that you can find on Amazon and visit Going Farther to see all the available FREE Contagious Courage courses!

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NO PROMO CODE REQUIRED! 50% DISCOUNT is set at a reduced price for a limited time.

This audio/video book, is read by the author, and if you’re ready, please download the workbook, (Workbook only available with the video book option) grab your favorite beverage, journal and get comfortable, because Vahen will walk with you and help prepare you for your giant slaying life of courage.


To arrange delivery and payment email ($15 plus shipping outside of Edmonton.)


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Thank you for supporting me and the Going Farther mission. Now to Him who is able to do WAY MORE than we could ever HOPE or imagine, take care and God bless!

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