Courage IS Contagious – New Years Special!

Life threatening illness, depression, anxiety. There will always be SOMETHING!!!
While we can’t control what happens to us, we can control how we respond.

Welcome to this New year’s special edition of contagious courage.

Over this last year I have had the privilege of highlighting some amazing people with incredible stories of courage. And today, I would like to just stop and reflect on this year and recap all of the inspiration that has come to from the set of Contagious Courage.

Take a look… 

To book one of your favorite guest for a speaking engagement or to express your words of encouragement, please connect through the links below…

Cancer Can’t Destroy My Courage – Julie Rohr

The Maverick Missionary – John King
John passed away in March of 2017, but his son Vaughan King continues spreading his words of inspiration through a blog called Beaver Tales.

Beauty From Ashes – Tammy Joy Richards

A Heart Set Free – April Ward

Where Joy & Sorrow Co-Exist – Andrea Foster

God Recycles Our Pain – Shirley Thiessen

Courage To Hope – Tamara Boyes

Mirror Mirror – Hollie Taylor

Not Today – Mary-Noah Ndateramye

The 10 year old prayer Warrior – Averi Edison
You can email Averi ‘s mom “Bobbie-Jo Edison”


Did you miss an interview?

Not to worry, visit the link below for full interviews of your favorite guest. The subscribe so you don’t miss out on future Contagious Courage special guest! Courage

February  – Being raised by a single mom, and being a single mom herself, Layna Haley  knows what it is to face fear and choose courage. Looking forward to having you all meet the lovely Layna.

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