Courage To Dream!

Do you have a dream? 
Maybe you had a dream, but you don’t feel equipped or strong enough to accomplish your dream.

Maybe there’s just to many obstacles in your way, and you’ve given up! 

Maybe your afraid to dream! 

Are you are living your dream or in pursuit of it, but you are tempted to give up or quit because it’s too hard?

If ANY of what I have just said resonated with you, please stick around, and please leave me a comment about where YOU are, because today I want to talk to you about…

The Courage Dream.

There are many things that happen in pursuit of our dreams that don’t make sense or make us think…it’s not worth it, because it was not what you were expecting.

What are some things that’s holding you back, because it was not what YOU WERE Expecting?

I think Sometimes we have this idea that stepping into our dream is going to be this easy path with no opposition. So when it gets too hard, or we have to put forth some effort we are tempted to give up!

I want you to know, that you TOO can overcome the opposition you are facing.

Over the next few sessions, I’ll share some tangible ways to keep moving forward in pursuit of your dream. However, today I wanted to first of all encourage to find the Courage to dream.

Now to him who’s able to do WAY MORE than we could EVER hope or IMAGINE…

I thank you for joining me in this adventure of discovering God’s intended more for YOUR life.

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