Have you given up on chasing your dreams because you’ve said, “I CAN’T,” or, “I’M NOT ENOUGH?”

Well, today you’ll meet Amber Skyrpan, an Olympic athlete whose story may have you thinking differently.

However, what you may find surprising is that she was born without a femur bone in her right leg.

So, you may think that chasing her dream to play volleyball probably seemed impossible growing up, right? 

But Amber has an amazing story and is not only playing volleyball, but she’s also a Paralympic athlete with team Canada for sit volleyball.

I trust that Amber’s story of courage will empower YOU to ditch your I CAN’T MENTALITIES and CHASE YOUR dreams!

What’s Next for Amber?

Amber’s next big game is coming soon, and it’s at the OLYMPICS! She leaves for Tokyo for the Olympics on August 13, 2021, and her games are August 23-26.  You can follow Amber in the games and cheer her on! linked here.

Sitting Volleyball begins August 23 – 26 and you can find ALL information about the games here. 

Support Amber in her dream goes to https://volleyball.ca/en/about/support-us OR email Amber’s coach Nicole Ban for more information at nban@volleyball.ca.

What’s Next for You?

Now that you’ve heard Amber’s story, you may be thinking, “That’s great – but what if my perseverance doesn’t work for me? What if I try so hard and just don’t end up making it?”

That type of mentality is exactly what can prevent you from achieving your dreams. 

Keeping your mindset that you can’t do something is going to harm you in the long run.

Or maybe you’re in a situation like Amber, where you feel like your life is meant to go one way, but God might have a slightly different direction for you. For her, it was switching from volleyball to sit volleyball. But for you, it may be something like getting the job you didn’t really want at first after losing out on your dream job.

Yet maybe that job that wasn’t your first choice is the one that you’re meant to be in, the one you’ll thrive in, and the one that you’ll make the most impact in.

Start Switching Your Mindset

Are you ready to finally ditch your “I CAN’T” mentality?

Are you ready to let go of what YOU think is best for you, and let GOD show you what your path is for life?

If you’re looking for more ways to make those small decisions of courage, or how to start slowly changing your mindset to set yourself up for success, I have a few resources linked for you below!

From my second book Contagious Courage to my Contagious Courage Workshop I’ll be offering you over the summer, there are tools for everyone who needs encouragement in their life.

MercyMe - Even If


If you’d like to learn how to navigate uncomfortable situations and start living your life of courage, click the link below to grab your copy of Contagious Courage and take advantage of the FREE on line Contagious Courage introductory course

 Follow Vahen through the pages of Contagious Courage and see how you too can live in freedom with courage that is contagious.


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Thank you for supporting me and the Going Farther mission. Now to Him who is able to do WAY MORE than we could ever HOPE or imagine, take care and God bless!


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