Going Farther With Grace

What’s So Amazing about Grace? 

Who would have thought that Philip Yancey the Author of “What’s So Amazing About Grace” would call ME a true Grace dispenser. 

Then 4 years later finding myself on SoulH20 Joy radio Going Farther With GRACE!

I was honored when I was invited to the airways of SoulH20 Joy Radio this summer, and as I listened to Sherry’s opening remarks it took me right back to this moment.  The time I had the amazing privilege to meet Philip Yancey  He said, “I was on your website and got to find out a little about you. You are a true grace dispenser.” You can JUST image how I felt hearing those words. 

You have to listen to the SoulH20 podcast to hear how “What’s So Amazing About Grace” and “Going Farther with grace” have been beautifully intertwined. 

Sherry shares a few comments on her Going Farther with grace – episode 5… 

My aim is that it’s going to leave you encouraged and help you see that God’s not this big meanie in the sky waiting for you to mess up.  My goal is to leave you awed by the depths of God’s grace, doling out way more than dollops of grace to yourself and seeing God’s goodness in your life as you get your grace and God’s grace begin flowing together.”


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I value and appreciate your support, and want to send out a big thank you to all who have supported Going Farther. Whether through the gift of time, encouragement or financial support, it is all so very appreciated and necessary as we keep going farther.

Ways you can continue to help and support the mission … 

Partnering together to help others go farther is what Going Farther is all about. We are better together, and We CAN go FARTHER TOGETHER.

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