Ice Cream In Your Pocket?

Have you ever carried ice cream in your pocket? Whatever your answer, I wonder, do you think it’s possible? 

I can just imagine the eye rolls and the, “your out of your mind” comments. BUT, if you are the slightest bit intrigued by these questions as I was when I was asked, then stick around or shall I say, watch the following video. I will challenge you to think out side the box and embrace some “ice cream creativity.”

My father in-law talked about this “blockage” to our creativity in a blog one time and I want to share it here. 

People Secretly Fear Creative Ideas.

Someone took me aside one time and suggested that I carefully think about the consequences of my own creativity. Until that time I had never seriously considered myself as being particularly creative. I just did things! Often I heard statements like: “off the wall” or “out of the box”. It wasn’t that my ideas and actions were wrong BUT that they were scaring the colleagues I was working alongside!

Do you really value creativity? Folks say they want more creative people, more creative ideas, creative solutions, but do they really? We say: “Creativity is good, we want more of it!” but we actually reject creative ideas as being impractical.That is because creativity requires uncertainty. Creativity is trying to do something that hasn’t been done before. Actually, creativity is an inherent quality given to each of us by our Creator. But because it includes uncertainty, we unlearn it. Uncertainty is a state that we try to escape from. We say to ourselves: “we know how to do things that we’ve done before, but new things are mysterious. How will we achieve it? Is it practical? What could go wrong?” And the feelings of uncertainty make it harder to turn loose a creative idea. We end up doing the same old things just to avoid feeling uncertain.

For all the talk of creativity in business AND churches, there is strong evidence that it is discouraged. Leaders say they want creative ideas, but surveys indicate that creativity gets rejected in favour of conformity and uniformity.


January 28th, you have the opportunity to join some “out of the box” thinkers, who want to embrace creativity and band together to come up with creative ideas that will break the stigma of mental health. Together we CAN see this giant fall.
Join the conversation and the fight against hopelessness in our world and attend the  The HOPE Movement  conference 

Thank you Connie Jakab, and the National Hope Talks team, I am honored that I get to join forces with such an amazing line-up of leaders, to spread the message of HOPE across Canada!



We are about powerful presentations bringing HOPE as a PLAN regarding mental health issues. 

Our talks stand out because we get to what’s underneath the reasons for the mental health crisis we are in and bring real solutions. Through storytelling and raw vulnerability, our talks engage audiences and bring hope that we can see change.

We do presentations for…

  • School assemblies
  • Mental health conferences and events
  • Workplace wellness 
  • Community initiatives

To find out more about the The Hope Movement and how you can be involved visit

OR register for the HOPE CONFERENCE @

Join the courageous giving community!

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Thank you for supporting me and the Going Farther mission. Now to Him who is able to do WAY MORE than we could ever HOPE or imagine, take care and God bless!


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