Leap of Faith!

I recently accepted the challenge to participate in a skydive event for AdearaRecovery Centre, an event I also have the privilege of speaking at. 

Adeara Recovery is changing communities by changing lives. With our help they continue to provide a safe residential long-term program for vulnerable women in crisis with their children.  These women take a leap of faith every day, choosing to change the trajectory of their lives.  With an estimated 5 million people suffering from addiction in Canada; the effect on family and community is very real. I will be joining many other brave souls willing to take the leap at 14,000 feet.  It’s all part of the fun and fundraising efforts for the 6th Annual Leap of Faith challenge happening on, Friday June 14th, 2019. 


Jumping from an airplane was NEVER on my bucket list, the thought alone is TERRIFYING.


My passion in life is to ignite hearts with hope, and empower people to have the courage to face their fears. It’s why I choose to name my first book and my nonprofit charity, Going Farther. “Ironically enough, I’m right in the middle of writing book number two, titled 


“The Path to Freedom & The Courage it Takes to Walk it”.


How could I hope to speak or write to you about having the courage to overcome your fears,

 if I don’t have the courage to face my own? 

My decision became VERY CLEAR!


I’m jumping to show that your ONLY limitation or disability is the one you place on yourself. 

Face your fears and GO FARTHER! 

Please partner with me as I take this LEAP OF FAITH to empower women and their families to overcome effects of trauma, addiction and mental health concerns!

Ways to make a difference!

  • Support me as I take the Leap of Faith challenge for Adeara.
  • Join the Fan Club on the event day! Come out and cheer for myself, and all the others while enjoying a fun-filled day of food, entertainment and skydiving!

It’s faster and easier than ever to support Adeara by making a tax-deductible donation.  Let’s grow forward together!

For more information about this fundraiser and ways that this program is impacting the lives of women, please visit www.adearaleapoffaith.org or email adrienne@adeara.ca.

Join us at this years Leap of Faith 2019!


I believe my good friend Tamara Boyes expresses the hearts of us all who have had the courage to face the real challenges of life, and captures it beautifully in her latest song Strength To Fight! 

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