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I am so proud of you all and how you’ve embraced this empowerment journey. I hope you now see how your life experiences, with all the struggles and personal breakthroughs can be uses as your superpowers.

And as we close the final chapter of our “I Am The Hero of My Story” journey, I do know, that this isn’t the end of your journey, it is just the beginning and I would like to help you feel empowered and equipped long after today. A journey where every step is powered by the superpowers you’ve uncovered within you – your unique life experiences.

SO I would like to leave you with a call to action and some tips for your next steps.

Our call to action:
Take your story forward. Use the tools and insights you’ve gained to craft your path and inspire others to do the same. Remember, every hero’s journey is ongoing, and yours is ripe with potential.

Next steps:
Consider pairing up with an accountability buddy from this course (Or trusted friend or mentor) to keep the momentum going.

Reflect on your key takeaways from this course daily. I believe it will keep you moving forward in those tough times when you’re tempted to quit…

Join our ‘Heroes Alumni’ Facebook group, by scanning the QR code. Let’s stay connected and continue growing together.
“I am the hero of my story” Facebook community, is a forum where conversations and support is always a click away.

Additional resources and support – scan the QR CODE below and it will take you to my website with a list of other supports and resources that will help you maintain your hero status.

There are also some ways that you can help others receive this empowerment that I would appreciate you considering….

Refer – Post -Share your journey. You never know who you might inspire. If this course has added value, please consider, sharing your excitement, and tag @VAHENKING (See all links below) With some Hash tags – like #Iamtheheroofmystory #LifeExperienceSuperpower #courage #resiliency #determination #empower

Self tape testimony – Another way you can help if this course has added value, and if you feel comfortable doing it, please send me a self tape (horizontal) video or written testimony about your experience, because it will help others want to experience this empowerment also.

Donation – If this course has added value, and you would like to see this empowering material get into more hands, please consider a one time gift, become a monthly partner, or refer to others who you believe will help carry our mission of hope and courage farther.

SURVEY: You’ve each played a vital role in creating a space brimming with empathy and understanding. Let’s continue to build on that, and scan the QR CODE to complete a quick survey – Your feedback and comments are invaluable to me and will help improve this experience for other participants.

Remember you now have the tools to bridge the gap between your challenges and your unlimited potential. Every day is a page yet to be written – make it a story worth telling!

Because and say it with me….
My life experiences is my superpower
And my weapons are courage, resiliency and determination.

Now be brave and wield your superpower and

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