Need A Reboot?

Have you ever had your computer freeze up on you? Frustrating isn’t it? Your going along and next thing you know your programs are all frozen and you can’t do anything.

You can sit there and stare at it, or even yell at it, but the fact is, unless you do a reboot, your computer is useless.

I wonder how many of you need a reboot in your life?
Maybe circumstances outside of your control has caused you shut down or lose faith? Faith in a loving God, or maybe faith in believing in anything good for yourself.
If rebooting allows the computer to restart and get back to working normally, What if having a reboot of your view of God not only gets you back to believing who He truly is, but what if it could empower you to receive MORE than you ever dream possible?

More Than You Think I Am - Danny Gokey

In Romans 3:20 God tells us, that He is able to do WAY MORE than we could ever ask or dream of.

Reboot Your Thinking & DREAM BIG!


Thank you for supporting me and the Going Farther mission.

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