There’s Always Another Way!

Have you ever set out to do something, you have the perfect plan, you’ve thought of everything and something happens that disrupts that plan and you are forced to figure out another way to accomplish your plan?

My guess is that during the COVID season you have had to adjust and find another way, WAY more than you care to admit. Maybe it was another way to do meetings another way to do your shopping, or maybe even, finding another way just to get through the day and survive ANOTHER day in isolation. But our perspective on our situation and our self and even our willingness (or lack there of) to adapt will indeed cause EVEN more frustration if you are not willing to find another way.


When I was first paralyzed, I spent the majority of my time and energy focusing on all the things I couldn’t do. I was limited because I didn’t want to do things if I couldn’t do it like I did before. That approach was keeping me stuck. It left me feeling even more insecure and overwhelmed. This mindset affected everything and limited my independence even more.

I remember saying, “I don’t want to drive again until I can use my feet.” I wanted desperately to be independent, yet I refused to do it differently than I did it before. I had the perspective that doing it differently made me less of a person. This perspective was more paralyzing than my disability or the chair I was in. When I started seeing other people who had less mobility than me doing far more than I was doing, I realized my view of myself was holding me back. I knew I had a choice to make. Do I stay focused on what I can’t do and remain stuck, or shift my focus to what I can do?

I wanted to drive, but to move past my self-imposed limitations, I had to find another way. If I refused the “other way” I would not be driving. That choice to accept driving with hand controls instead of my feet gave me so much independence. This independence unlocked some freedom in me and boosted my confidence. This change in perspective enabled me to have courage to try other things. Now, not only am I driving, but I have been rock climbing, downhill skiing, zip-lining, and skydiving. And that list of physical achievements does not even mention becoming an author, motivational speaker, and starting my own non-profit organization. I may not be able to do things the way I used to, but I know now there is more than one way if you’re willing to see and accept it.


People naturally don’t like change, but God knows there is another way—a better way. That “better” (but yet unknown) way holds the potential to bring improvement to our lives. Once we discover the “better way” we must then be willing to accept it. If I didn’t change my perspective and find another way to view myself or my circumstances, I would still be at home on my couch consumed with fear and depression. I never would have discovered that I have access to this extra strength and courage.

Looking for different ways to view myself or my situation has indeed given me a courageous perspective.

Do you feel trapped in the emotions you are feeling because of the way you view yourself, or your situation? I think about of all the things that you may have experienced in your life and especially in the COVID-19 season. These things may be causing you anxiety as you stay focused on all the things you can’t control.

FACE THE WAVES - Chelsea Amber

Today’s blog is featuring one of the many devotionals taken from my new book contagious courage, and another resource that I am excited to share with you. I pray these devotionals both challenge and encourage you to dig deeper and develop your relationship with the Lord. You can also find these devotionals on my YouTube channel as well as on 100 Huntley Street


If you’re looking for resources on how to start living more courageously, I have a few resources listed down below to help you! Starting with my book Contagious Courage – Living in Freedom, that you can find on Amazon and visit Going Farther to see all the available FREE Contagious Courage courses!


This audio/video book, is read by the author, and if you’re ready, please download the workbook, (Workbook only available with the video book option) grab your favorite beverage, journal and get comfortable, because Vahen will walk with you and help prepare you for your giant slaying life of courage.

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Thank you for supporting me and the Going Farther mission. Now to Him who is able to do WAY MORE than we could ever HOPE or imagine, take care and God bless!

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