Why Me?

Do you ever question the road life has lead you down?
Or maybe asked yourself the question- WHY ME? I know I have.

I remember the days when crying myself to sleep was my “new normal.” Questioning the path I was on. However, as I see how things have unfolded as a result of my surrender to God, I say, “Why ME?” I say, “REALLY GOD?” You mean I get to spread hope and encouragement to others who are experiencing the pain of THEIR PATH? A blessing that makes my heart burst with gratitude.

Because it’s Christmas I am drawn to remember the life of Mary & Joseph to encourage you today. I look at their life, and I think I had an “easy path.” Mary was pregnant outside of wedlock, yet STILL a virgin! And “YEAH RIGHT?” was the consensus of everyone around her. I can’t even begin to image how she handled the emotions of knowing she was the topic of the “town gossip.”  But what about Joseph? How he must have felt has he struggled to accept this far-fetched story that his wife was pregnant and he had nothing to do with it? The hurt and betrayal that must have been sitting heavy on his heart. Most of us know the story of the birth of Jesus and think what a beautiful story, but maybe not realize just how much Mary  and Joseph suffered to bring the good news. Mary was literally carrying the savior of the world, and not only was there no one to share in the excitement, she was treated as an outcast. 

Are you facing something that is making you feel like an outcast that is paralyzing you with fear? Maybe you are trying to move forward to follow a God given dream, but the opposition seems impossible to overcome! I want you to know you are not alone, and to find comfort in knowing that Jesus is with you, and your biggest struggles CAN bring you your BIGGEST joys, and can enable you to have more strength and courage than you thought possible!

Find HOPE and choose courage to keep pushing forward.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Philippians 2:13 

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