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The Drew Marshall Show

The Drew Marshall Show has been on air for the last 16 years, and over that time has interviewed a huge range of fascinating people, from Don Cherry to Amy Grant, BB King to Larry King and everyone in between. Drew focuses on spirituality and how people integrate their faith into their everyday life, even when life throws terrible things

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Melissa P. Sharpe – Own Your Faith

Helping women recognize the person God created them to be. Melissa is a writer, speaker, and fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants storyteller who has lived a lot of life and learned a lot of lessons that pack a punch. “Her writing offers reflection into the various seasons of life and its daily struggles to a rag-tag tribe of women seeking hope in a modern

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National Hope Talks

NATIONAL HOPE PRESENTATIONS We are about powerful presentations bringing HOPE as a PLAN regarding mental health issues.  Our talks stand out because we get to what’s underneath the reasons for the mental health crisis we are in and bring real solutions.  Through storytelling and raw vulnerability, our talks engage audiences and bring hope that we can see change. We do presentations for School assemblies

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Amy’s Veg Patch

Amy’s Veg Patch is all about us growing deep roots; not only in our gardens but also in our lives.  The deep roots of faith that will nourish, support and strengthen us.  Amy is Co-Author of Cut the Strings, which chronicles her early battle with drug addiction and alcoholism.  Let’s not let our circumstances, disappointments and regrets uproot us from

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Love Layna

“I have learned many things about life and about who I am. I believe everything comes down to love; loving yourself more, loving others deeper, and finding joy in the world by looking at it through the eyes of love.”  Love, Layna Layna Haley is one of YEG’s hottest up and coming new bloggers! She is passionate about living life

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Rick Henson Foundation

Mission To inspire leaders, influencers, and the public to join Rick Hansen in creating a global movement to remove barriers in the built environment and thereby liberate the potential of people living with disabilities. “Canadians with Disabilities overcome GREAT obstacles.  A step SHOULDN’T be one of them”  WANT TO HELP MAKE CANADA ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL?  Click here Rick Henson with

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Are you struggling with depression?  Click here Are you struggling with addiction? Click here Whatever you may be struggling with there’s hope of overcoming it. Find community and support by going to the Facebook page to access more resources.  Click here

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WIMM -Women In Media Ministry

Our goal at WIMM Canada is to provide an atmosphere where you can connect with other women with of like mindedness. We believe that out of this atmosphere will come divine connections, increasing your Impact for Christ! We are Strong women who love to CONNECT Leaders who need a place to REFRESH Influencers who seek to INSPIRETeachable, so we continue to EQUIP To connect with WIMM

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Women Together

Margaret Gibb, Founder and Executive Director Our Vision Women Together is committed to creating a global community of Christian women who live to glorify God, serve others, and learn from one another. Our Mission Is to engage Canadian Christian women to provide education, leadership training, skills development, and Biblical instruction to women leaders around the world. Click here to subscribe

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Seek Truth! Find Purpose! Discovery Church

WE VALUE PROCESS Everybody’s journey to truth is a unique process. At Discovery, we want to be a relevant, safe, nonjudgmental community were everyone can explore truth and discover their purpose. Without the process there is no progress. No matter where you are in your journey, we are excited to get to know you and help you move forward. We welcome you home

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