Contagious Courage - Living in Freedom

This is a free online workshop includes 11 video sessions to introduce you to the basic concepts shared in the Contagious Courage book, but also to prepare you for your giant slaying life of courage.


What Do You See When You Look At Me?

This is a free online workshop includes 12 video sessions where we will be looking in the mirror of God’s word, and allow Him to lovingly show you things that need to change and learn how to make those changes so you can reflect the image of Christ to the world through your healed heart.


Are you looking for the courage to face your giants?
A life altering virus, infidelity and trapped in a prison of fear. These were only a few of my giants what are yours? I’ll challenge you to break through your fears to embrace a courageous perspective, so you can grow through what you go through and find the strength to face your giants and go farther than you ever thought possible.

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31 COURAGEOUS QUOTES taken from Contagious Courage. Gift the gift of courage, with theses daily affirmation statements of courage.


This is a powerful story of one woman’s journey through deep emotional, physical, and spiritual pain – one of inspiration and courage. Transverse myelitis almost took her life, her marriage and her faith, but get ready to experience the power and love, that turns a litany of tragedies into miraculous triumph! You will laugh, cry, hope again with Vahen as she meticulously weaves the unwelcomed struggles of her life into a story of hope and courage. Vahen’s story of courage and devotion will inspire and challenge you to go farther.

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e-Book             $8.99   US