When you hear Vahen speak, you’ll immediately sense her unwavering confidence and her fiery grit. Vahen’s keynote presentations inspire hope and courage. Vahen acknowledges, that while her life has lead her down a path of emotional and physical brokenness, she believes that these unwelcomed circumstances have woven joy and courage into her otherwise broken heart. These compelling experiences will encourage you to find your inner strength to choose courage, and help you see that you can go farther than you have ever dreamed. 

Vahen has presented as a keynote speaker in public schools and universities, conference centres, churches and private weekend retreats.

Speaking Themes

Here are some popular speaking themes presented by Vahen. However, if you have a theme you would like to use, please let her know.

How To Overcome Opposition

Powerful presentations bringing HOPE as a PLAN regarding mental health issues.

Vahen’s message is about courage! She shares her struggles about her abilities and self worth and encourages us all to find our inner strength and choose courage despite emotional and physical pain.”

If you’re someone who is saying, “Yes, we need solutions. We need change.” Then YOU could be a part of the solution by booking Vahen or another National Hope Talks speaker for your next presentation or sponsoring one of our presentations.

We do presentations for

  • School assemblies
  • Mental health conferences and events
  • Workplace wellness
  • Community initiatives

    Vahen is available for Canada wide bookings!


The STRENGTH of My Weakness
"Your weaknesses are opportunities to experience your greatest joys."


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Whether your venue is large or small, please contact Vahen to see if she can add your group or event to her schedule!

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