When you hear Vahen speak, you’ll immediately sense her unwavering confidence and her fiery grit. Vahen’s keynote presentations inspire hope and courage. Vahen acknowledges, that while her life has lead her down a path of emotional and physical brokenness, she believes that these unwelcomed circumstances have woven joy and courage into her otherwise broken heart. These compelling experiences will encourage you to find your inner strength to choose courage, and help you see that you can go farther than you have ever dreamed.

Vahen has presented as a keynote speaker in public schools, churches, conferences, and other media outlets.

Speaking Themes

Here are some popular speaking themes presented by Vahen. However, if you have a theme you would like to use please let her know.

Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re being held back. Fears, insecurities and social pressures make it easy to accept these limitations as normal. This talk will bring the audience through a personal story of loss & suffering into a life of hope and courage, inspiring listeners to find a whole new way to live.

Vahen provides proven strategies on how to face your fears and forge a contagious courage.  Audiences of all ages will be challenged to respond to my ultimate call to action – ditch the “I can’t” mentality and choose courage.

We live in a world where every Facebook post and Instagram story captures smiling faces and thrilling adventures. It’s a picture-perfect world, where we only highlight our “filtered” strengths! Did you know that your weaknesses could actually be your biggest strengths?

I’m a terible spellar, I don’t always say the right thing, and the best part of me is that I am in a wheelchair. Do you see what I did there? I just bragged about my weaknesses. You see, in the process of understanding me, I used to try and hide my insecurities and weakness. That mindset would leave me frustrated, and feeling worthless, and it was keeping me stuck. When you focus on all the things that you’re not or try to portray someone you’re not, it will always limit your potential and hold you back.

The choice to embrace my insecurities and push forward has enabled me to reach beyond my wildest dreams. My success was not found in highlighting my strengths or “filtered” truths, but in boasting about my weaknesses and loving who I really am.

Audiences will leave encouraged and empowered to love who they really are and embrace the strength of their weakness.

Life isn’t easy. We suffer from illnesses that turn our lives upside down. We get hurt by people who are close to us. Anger boils over when we feel mistreated or overlooked. Depression, anxiety and mistrust are the new normal in our society. Mental illnesses and suicide attempts are on the rise. Let’s face it – we are in a crisis of hope. How is it possible to experience any kind of hope?

I believe that when you Ignite hope in the hearts of those who are lonely, hurt, angry, depressed or feeling lost, you offer a light to someone who can’t see their next step.

It’s time for us to come together and help others take their first step in getting the help they need. Through my storytelling approach I share powerful tips I’ve used to overcome adversity. I target what’s underneath the reasons for the mental health crisis in our society and offer real solutions. It’s not enough just to hope things will get better – we must make hope a plan.

H – freeing HABITS
O – learning how to OVERCOME
P – getting the right PEOPLE around us
– learning to find healthy EXPRESSION

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When you hear Vahen speak, you immediately sense her unwavering confidence and her fiery grit. Vahen’s keynote presentations inspire hope and courage, as she shares her compelling experiences of facing devastating physical and emotional losses. Struggles about her abilities and self-worth, set the stage for her ultimate call to action, to encourage others to find their inner strength and choose courage as they face their own emotional and physical pain.

Vahen is currently presenting as a keynote speaker in public schools and universities, conference centres, churches and private weekend retreats across Canada.

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