“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city… Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” Jeremiah 29:7

In light of all that is happening in our world, I thought it was a good time to share this message of hope I brought to our city leaders at the 25th annual Edmonton Prayer Breakfast this past spring. I talked about building and protecting your mental, physical and spiritual endurance, and offered some thoughts on how to help protect our endurance.


Today, I’ll recount my personal journey and the moment when I grasped the significance of preserving my endurance. I’ll also share two simple yet powerful truths from my lived experiences that I believe can assist you in safeguarding your endurance and nurturing your sense of hope and peace.

1️⃣ Don’t forget the key ingredient! Prayer. 🙌
2️⃣ Let it go! Let go of what?  Exactly!!! That’s the question I had too. 

We need to learn to change our perspective to overcome challenges. It’s all about embracing challenges and staying resilient.  Together, we can prosper, and see our cities, nations and world thrive, however if we don’t take care of ourselves and protect our endurance we won’t be of any use to anyone else. 


How many of you have ever  found yourselves saying, “I just need to endure this,” or “I’m doing what I can to get through this situation?” I’ve personally spoke those words more than I would like to admit. While facing the immediate challenges were undeniably difficult, what would cause even more “overwhelm” were the lingering aftereffects that always held the potential to take me out. 

The World Health Organization states that, “The impact of COVID-19 (THE AFTER EFFECT) on mental health cannot be underestimated. A significant number of people have reported psychological distress and symptoms of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress. Disturbingly, there have been signs of an increase in thoughts of self-harm and other concerning behaviors, with certain groups, such as healthcare workers, being disproportionately affected.”

Yes, I knew it was a problem, but never really understood how to protect my endurance. We need to know how to protect our endurance in this ever changing and challenging times! And, I’m thinking I’m not alone when I say, “I find myself praying through another endurance challenge, wondering what I need to let go of?”

But, what I hope you get from today’s message, is an understanding of what you need to start doing, stop doing or do differently to protect your endurance. 


Don’t you just love how Disney has such great life-lessons and words of wisdom. After hearing my message today, may I suggest you turn your volume on max, hit play and sing along to the top of your lungs. (Why do you think I gave you the Karaoke version?) Hahaha  

Then may I also recommend spending some time asking God to show you what to LET GO of or maybe you already KNOW? Then ask for strength to surrender and be obedient. 


Dear Lord,

I come before You today with humble hearts, seeking the peace and prosperity of our city and our world. We acknowledge that by praying for our city, and other cities and countries, we are investing in its well-being and the well-being of all its people.

As I reflect on the message of hope shared at the 25th annual Edmonton Prayer Breakfast, I’m reminded of the importance of building and protecting our mental, physical, and spiritual endurance. Lord, we understand that prayer is the key ingredient in this journey, and we ask for Your guidance and strength.

Help us to let go of anything that depletes our energy, whether it be worries, anxieties, or negativity. Grant us the wisdom to change our perspective when faced with challenges, allowing us to overcome them with resilience and faith.

May we continue to support our leaders and frontline heroes who work tirelessly to protect and serve our communities and nations. Together, as a united city and nation, we can prosper and witness the thriving of our cities, nations, and the world.

In Your name, we pray. And all who agree say…Amen.


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Thank you for supporting me and the Going Farther mission, if you have any question about the new empowerment course, please reach out. Now to Him who is able to do WAY MORE than we could ever HOPE or imagine, take care and God bless.

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