What Do You See Workshop


This workshop takes a look into our lives through the mirror of God’s word, and encourages a changed heart & outlook.

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We look in the mirror to change our physical appearance, but where do we look to change our hearts?

For the longest time I was only focused on the reflection that people saw on my physical appearance, and never really thought much about how to change what was in my heart.

Well in this “What Do you See when You Look At Me?” workshop, we are going to take a long look in the mirror, but we aren’t focusing on the outward physical appearance in a physical mirror. We will be looking in the mirror of God’s word, where I focus on the spiritual fruit of love, joy peace etc.. and unpack what it means to grow in each. I will create a space where you can allow God to lovingly show you things that need to change and I’ll provide the tools that will help teach you how to make the changes, so you can reflect the image of Christ to the world through your healed heart.


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