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A groundbreaking new CBC show, “PUSH,” is poised to make history as Canada’s first major-network primetime series with a leading cast comprised of individuals with disabilities. This unscripted series, which offers an intimate look into the lives of the “Wheelie Peeps,” an eclectic group of friends and wheelchair users, explores their shared experiences of navigating life on wheels. From ex-exotic dancers to concert pianists, the show delves into their personal journeys of starting families, challenging societal stigmas, navigating the dating world, and demonstrating that their mobility constraints do not limit their dreams and aspirations.

The cast, including the self-described “mother hen” Benveet “Bean” Gill, the former “bad boy” Brian McPherson, the resilient “quad Mom” Natasha Urkow, and other dynamic individuals, opens a window into their lives as they strive to live fully and authentically. “PUSH” is more than a portrayal of their lives; it’s about truly seeing and hearing them as multifaceted people. The show was directed by Meagan McAteer, and produced by Fenix Film & Television and Small Army Entertainment in partnership with CBC.

Premiering on February 24th, “PUSH” marks a significant milestone in television history, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the triumphs and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. With its diverse and empowering cast, the show brings to light the message that living with a disability doesn’t define who they are but is just one facet of their rich and vibrant lives. Don’t miss this pioneering series on CBC TV and CBC Gem.

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