The Path to FREEDOM!

What do I know about freedom? I’m in a wheelchair, and I have a past that SHOULD keep me trapped in feelings of unworthiness and shame. So in all respects, I should be feeling dejected and fearful, thinking that I’m defined by my past, and not worthy of a “happy ending.” It’s ironic really, because physically I have more limitations than ever, but I have never been more free.

Why? Because FREEDOM I assure you, has nothing to do with my physical limitations, or how pain or barrier free my life is, but everything to do with my complete dependency and trust in God. When your trust is placed entirely on Him you have nothing to fear and you are free.

I want to challenge you to see freedom as a state of mind, and a daily commitment. You see your freedom, your joy and your peace has nothing to do with the absence of suffering, pain or conflict, but everything to do with the presence of God in the middle of it all. I’ve learnt that, if I put my hope or trust in people or things that I can lose, I can never be free. My freedom didn’t come because my life was one day void of suffering, or because I made this ONE big decision on my own that set me free. No, it came as a result of making ONE tough choice after another in obedience to my heavenly father.

The following quote, was from my husband in response to an individual who was inquiring about how we were able to walk through infidelity in our marriage and still find happiness. He said…

“In Vahen’s path to freedom, we have been able to look back see the hand of God at work, even through the disillusionment and bitterness. Her spirit has been healed and restored and the chains that the enemy meant to bind her through shame or pride was released through her willingness to be open and transparent.” Vaughan King

These words made my heart burst with love. Yes, we ARE healed and free from the hurts of the past, but hearing those words truly blessed my heart, and it NEVER gets old. When you’ve experience the power of God’s grace in your life as I have, I can’t help but share it. Which is why, this is just a taste of what you’ll be seeing in
book # 2. Which is appropriately titled…

“The Path to FREEDOM, and the GRACE it takes to walk it.” 
Vahen King

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