Have you ever had someone tell you something, and you thought to yourself, where did they get that information? Or maybe while watching the news, and wondered where they’re getting that information from?

If we question the source of information about things we hear, I wonder why we don’t question the source when we are being fed lies about ourselves? Could you imagine how your life would be if you started believing the TRUTH about yourself over the lies you believe or tell yourself?

Lies We Believe

When I was walking through that uncomfortable “rebuilding” stage of repairing my marriage with my husband, I was overwhelmed with anxiety.

I had intrusive thoughts like:

“I’m not worthy”

“I don’t deserve another chance”

“I’ll never be able to stay faithful”

And these weren’t just thoughts going through my head though — they were LIES!

What lies are overwhelming your thoughts lately? 

Are you believing the lies that…

“You’re not good enough,”

“You’re not going to make it,” or

“You’ll never be successful.”

I want to tell you those thoughts are not from God. I would also like to suggest that EVERY TIME those thoughts come into your mind, you consider the source.

Are they of God? Or are they coming from somewhere else?

The First Lie in the Bible

Do you remember the very first lie that was told in the Bible? It started in Genesis with Adam and Eve. 

While they were living in contentment and exploring all that the Lord had created for them, the serpent came along and told them to eat the fruit. And that if they do so, they won’t really die if they do that.

Instead, had them believing they would be more God. Employing that God was holding out on them. 

But of course, we know that’s not how it went. 

Then Adam and Eve hid from God because they were naked, and God asked them:

“Who told you that? Who told you you were naked?”

God was challenging them to consider the source.

Are You Ready to Consider the Source?

Adam and Eve chose to believe a lie when they should have considered the source from where it was coming from. 

These thoughts lead us to start thinking we don’t belong, and strip us of all our confidence and ultimately our relationship with God.

But you ARE worthy, and you DO belong, because that’s what your Heavenly Father tells you.

He not only tells you that, but gives you the resources you need to seek the truth, such as the word of God and his unconditional love.

And if you need help reminding yourself about that, or want guidance on how to start living more courageously, I have a few resources listed down below to help you! Starting with my book Contagious Courage – Living in Freedom, that you can find on Amazon and my FREE Contagious Courage Introductory course!

You Say - Lauren Daigle

Today’s blog is featuring one of the many devotionals taken from my new book contagious courage, and another resource that I am excited to share with you. I pray these devotionals both challenge and encourage you to dig deeper and develop your relationship with the Lord. You can also find these devotionals on my YouTube channel as well as on 100 Huntley Street 


If you’d like to learn how to navigate uncomfortable situations and start living your life of courage, click the link below to grab your copy of Contagious Courage and CLICK HERE to take advantage of the FREE on line Contagious Courage introductory course

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