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Author: Vahen

The 10 Year Old Prayer Warrior

“I started my war room about two years ago when I was 8 1/2, because I had lots of questions for God and wanted to hear what He wants to say to me.”

God Recycles Our Pain

Shirley and her husband Carey experienced a parent’s worst nightmare: the death of a child. Only 12 days after celebrating her son’s wedding, Shirley had the devastating task of planning her son Jordan’s funeral.

Where Joy & Sorrow Co-exist

Having two children with profound intellectual disabilities has been challenging, rewarding and heart breaking for Andrea and Kirk, and at times they have felt unequipped to handle all that is required of them.

Beauty From Ashes

Tammy acknowledges that while things in her life didn’t always go as she had hoped or planned, God has taken all her pain and brokenness and turned it into something beautiful. She labeled her story as “The Gift of Disruption”